Solar Lights 50150
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Part #:SA50150


* Designed for improving the safety of ships and indicating the position of special objects at night or in poor visibility.
* Light Functions
›› Day/ Night Quick Flash
›› Single Flash 2s
›› SOS
›› Steady
* The first function utilises light-sensitivity activation to automatically turn on/ off.
* The other functions can be activated manually or via the wireless remote.
* Up to 12h operation in steady mode and up to 150h in flash mode.
* The rechargeable lithium battery is powered by both Solar and Wind.
* An 8 hour initial charge may be required.
* To maintain optimal battery life the unit requires charging every 3 months.
* CE and FCC Approval.

* Small Ships
* Yachts
* Fishing Boats
* Kayaks
* Jetties
* Pontoons
* Watercraft

Accessories Include:
* 1 x Shim
* 1 x Wireless Remote
* 1 x Instruction
* 1 x Anti Bird Thorn
* 2 x Nuts
* 6 x Screws
* 6 x Clips

Warning Light Functions:
Obstacle Light (Light Activated / Day and Night Quick Flash)
360° White
Max. Continuous Working Time: 150hrs

Indicating-Position Light (Wireless Remote / Flashing 2s)
360° White
Max. Continuous Working Time: 150hrs

Distress Signal Light (Wireless Remote / SOS Signal)
360° White
Max. Continuous Working Time: 20hrs

Emergency Light Equipment (Wireless Remote / Steady Light)
360° White
Visability 2NM
Max. Continuous Working Time: 12hrs


Rechargeable Battery: Lithium – Solar/Wind External
Remote Control Distance: Max. 30Mtr
Mounting: Vertical or Tube 19-32mm
Frame Colour: Black
Light Angle: 360°
Visibility: 2NM
Storage Temperature: -30°C~+65°C
LED Chip Size: 24 x SMD 3020 Chip
IP Rating: IP56
Main Dimensions: 115mm x 73.2mm
Note: Exclusive to Sam Allen Wholesale.